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Casablanca is the largest city in Morocco, on the Atlantic coast of the country, and one of the largest in North Africa. It has about 5.5 million inhabitants. It is the largest port and the largest industrial and commercial center of Morocco.
The city has a main square, which radiates several avenues. In general, the buildings are a French version of the Arab-Andalusian architecture, white with simple lines, of special interest being the United Nations Square area, where the largest infrastructure is located.
It was completely destroyed by the earthquake of 1755. At that time settled in the city many Spanish merchants passing White House to be known as Casablanca. It was occupied in 1907 by the French who promoted its development.
During World War II, in January 1943, it hosted a conference between US President Franklin D. Roosevelt and British Prime Minister Winston Churchill.
Casablanca (Dar el Beida) is more modern than most Moroccan cities. A large part of the tourists inevitably passes by "Casa", as the city called by the Moroccans, and it is worth staying for a day or two. There is less harassment in the souks than usual, it is easy to get around the city and there are many examples of Art Deco and Art Nouveau architecture in the wide avenues.
The shadowy facades of the suburbs are in sharp contrast to the Hispano-Moorish, art-deco with the modernist landmark of Casablanca, the huge and incredibly ornate Hassan II Mosque.
Visitors can take a bus to Ain Diab, a small suburb in the beach area. It may not be the cleanest of the beaches, but it still draws crowds daily. It should also be said that the crowds are more attracted because of the various beach clubs. These clubs each have saltwater pools, restaurants and cafes.
In Casablanca you can find fish, especially on the coast, and chicken or roast roasts in a tajine with lemon and olive oil.
It is also typical of "Pastilla". This is a pie dish made with pigeon (sometimes chicken) along with filo and cinnamon. It is particularly popular in Fez.
And, of course, there is couscous that is often much better when traditionally prepared at home than in a restaurant. It is a dish usually prepared for special occasions such as holy days or festivals.
Some of the more expensive restaurants and at certain festivals serve "mechoui", roast lamb. Sometimes it comes served in the shape of a whole roasted lamb on the spit!
Winter as in all cities of North Africa is with not very high temperatures, but also not low. Summers are not very hot but very dry.
During the summer, rains and masses of heat are very rare.
The climate of the city is Mediterranean.

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