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Férias e informação: KAJIADO

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Aeroportos próximos de KAJIADO a uma distância máxima de 250 km do centro de KAJIADO
WIL - Wilson Airport 39.75 km do centro de KAJIADO - Aeroporto internacional
NBO - Aeroporto internacional Jomo Kenyatta 51.45 km do centro de KAJIADO - Aeroporto internacional
ASV - Amboseli Airport 158.12 km do centro de KAJIADO - Aeroporto Regional
ARK - Arusha Airport 213.94 km do centro de KAJIADO - Aeroporto internacional
JRO - Kilimanjaro International Airport 229.89 km do centro de KAJIADO - Aeroporto internacional
KIS - Kisumu Airport 246.74 km do centro de KAJIADO - Aeroporto internacional
EDL - Eldoret International Airport 248.06 km do centro de KAJIADO - Aeroporto internacional

Informações gerais acerca de KAJIADO
Kajiado is a town in Kajiado County, Kenya. The town is located 80 kilometres south of Nairobi, along the Nairobi – Arusha highway. Kajiado has an urban population of 8128 (1999 census) Local people are predominantly of the Maasai tribe.

Kajiado is headquarters to Kajiado County.

The name "Kajiado" comes from the word "Orkejuado." Which means "The Long River" in Maasai language. The seasonal river named after the town runs west of the town.

The original name for Kajiado was "Olopurupurana", which means "a round elevation."
Fonte: wikipedia
The focus is to spur growth in this sector vide introduction of ventures beyond traditional modes.

Eco-tourism – the county is home to a national park and vast tracts of undisturbed natural resource which are suitable for hospitality investment.

Wildlife. We purpose to address the human and wildlife conflict that has given the county negative publicity. Our target is to secure our wildlife and promote co-existence with the community. Mechanisms shall be put in place to ensure the local people benefit from proceeds from wildlife conservation.

Community owned conservancies. Establishment of such conservancies shall be encouraged.

The Maasai are monotheistic, believing in a single deity, Enkai. The Maasai god has a dual nature: Enkai Narok (black god) who is charitable and Enkai Nanyokie (red god) who is unforgiving.

Maasai men The belief in a single deity has seen most Maasai adopting Christianity. Today, about 85 per cent of the Kajiado residents are Christians with the remaining 5 per cent worshipping other religions such as Islam and Hindu.

Traditionally, Maasai women were tasked with building homes (manyattas), collecting firewood, preparing food, among other domestic chores, while men were left free to be warriors - defending their territories and cattle. The role of the children was to look after the livestock. However, this tradition has diminished over time and many Maasai children are now allowed to go to school.

The Maasai are renowned for their colourful dressing that consists of red shuka (light blankets), wrapped around the body and multi-coloured beaded jewellery worn around the necks and arms. The Maasai men are traditionally polygamous, while women are allowed to have intimate relationships with their husbands' age-mates so as to bring forth warriors.
Fonte: kajiadocountygovernment
Kajiado County is primarily semi-arid.

The average annual temperature in the county is 18.9°C.

The area receives about 500mm of rainfall annually, most of it falling in April.

The month of August is usually extremely dry.
Fonte: kenya-information-guide


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