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Saint-Tropez is a Provencal town, 104 km (65 miles) east of Marseille, in the Var department of the Provence-Alpes-Côte d'Azur region of south-east France.
It is also the main town in the canton of Saint-Tropez.
Saint-Tropez is located on the French Riviera. It was a military fortress and an unpretentious fishing village until the early twentieth century. It was the first city on the coast to be released during World War II (as part of Operation Dragon). After the war, it became an internationally known seaside resort, famous mainly because of the stream of French Nouvelle Vague artists in the movies. It later became a resource for the European and American jet set and a goal for tourists in search of a bit of Provencal authenticity and an occasional celebrity sighting.
At the entrance of the city, we find the fine sand beach La Bouillabaisse. In the same old neighborhood of Ponche, between Torre del Portalet and Torre Vieja is also the beach of the same name. In the heart of the city, this beach was a fishing port, the main port of trade after the seventeenth and eighteenth centuries.
Playa de les Graniers at the foot of the south side, Citadelle, after the cemetery of the sailors. It is a small cove that still retains a natural and wild aspect.
Les Canebiers (Canaveral), one of the largest and largest, located along the road of Salins. Its name comes from hemp, formerly cultivated in this area. It is the beach par excellence of St.Tropez.
La Moutte, it is necessary to be an initiate to know this discreet family beach. It lies after the bay of Canebiers.
Les Salins beach has a pink color derived from the coral fragments found in the middle of the sand. A huge pine tree shades the beach, which is interesting in the crushing summer afternoons.
If the municipality in Ramatuelle found five kilometers of sandy beaches called Pampelonne. The gulf that forms in the area allows excursions and walks along the 10 miles of coast to Cape Camarat.
Outside the city, in Ramatuelle, we find five kilometers of fine sand beaches called Pampelonne. The gulf that forms in the zone allows excursions and walks along its ten kilometers of coast until Cape Camarat.
The walk of the beaches is a journey that can last walk about three hours to walk the 12 miles between St.Tropez, and the beach Tahiti, passing by the aforementioned Bay of Canoubiers.
The St.Tropez Citadel, is the pre-eminent monument of the city, due to its size and location. The defense needs of the city, constantly under attack by pirates, privateers and Turks, led to the construction of a stronghold of the Middle Ages. It was destroyed by the Duke of Guise not being reconstructed until the beginning of century XVII (1607). Since then, the citadel has adorned St Tropez.
It will be the most important defensive elements along the coast between Toulon and Antibes, Juan-les-Pins. During the religious wars, the fortress was under attack and that only with the end of internal conflict ended.
In 1742, a naval battle took place at bay. The British sank five Spanish galleys in front of the Citadel, devoid of weapons, and could not intervene. It was later converted into a deposit of the French army in Italy, to be taken during the federalist revolt in 1793 at the time of the French Revolution.
Currently, the City Council and Government restore the Citadel. The main tower works can be partially visited. However, the city organizes various exhibitions and events throughout the year.
Southern France is, like the rest of the country, a region that enjoys good food.
The dishes are presented adorned with products flavors and colors reminiscent of Spanish, Italian, Greek or North African Mediterranean cuisine. Olive oil, wine, rice, fruits and vegetables are the ingredients that unite the two shores of the Mediterranean.
The fish soup (Bouillabaisse), cod pellets, bull meat, wild boar, pepperoni, numerous varieties of fruits and vegetables, olives, salt, olive oil, wine, desserts, with the presence of lavender and herbs of Provence; Ice creams are the delicacies that come across who finally reaches Provence and the French Riviera.
Ultimately, the kitchen in the south of France offers good memories to the palate and some in the suitcase, as the typical products are excellent gifts to share your experience.
Saint-Tropez has a warm and temperate climate.
In Saint-Tropez there is much more rainfall in the winter than in the summer.
14.8 ° C is the average temperature, with an average annual rainfall of 801 mm.

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