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São Tomé e Príncipe
Férias e informação: ILHA DE SÃO TOMÉ

ILHA DE SÃO TOMÉ o que fazer, o que visitar, onde ir, onde comer, reserva de hotéis, aeroportos mais próximos, fotos, informação geral, dicas, etc.
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Pestana Sao Tome
São Tomé
Omali Lodge
São Tomé
Hotel Praia
São Tomé
Pestana Equador
Ilheu das Rolas
Hotel Residencial Avenida
São Tomé
Me-Zochi Resort
Vila Moura
Cocoa Hotel Residence
São Tomé
Residence Gabrielle
São Tomé
Morada Carvalho
São Tomé
E Gravana
São Tomé
Sweet Guest House
São Tomé
Lagarto Guest Villas
São Tomé

Aeroportos próximos de ILHA DE SÃO TOMÉ a uma distância máxima de 250 km do centro de ILHA DE SÃO TOMÉ
TMS - Aeroporto Internacional de São Tomé 17.24 km do centro de ILHA DE SÃO TOMÉ - Aeroporto internacional

Informações gerais acerca de ILHA DE SÃO TOMÉ
São Tomé and Príncipe is a Portuguese-speaking island nation in the Gulf of Guinea, off the western equatorial coast of Central Africa.

It consists of two archipelagos around the two main islands: São Tomé and Príncipe, located about 140 kilometres (87 mi) apart and about 250 and 225 kilometres (155 and 140 mi), respectively, off the northwestern coast of Gabon. Both islands are part of an extinct volcanic mountain range. São Tomé, the sizable southern island, is situated just north of the equator. It was named in honour of Saint Thomas by Portuguese explorers who arrived at the island on his feast day on the western shores of the island, a small village called Anobom.

With a census population of 187,356 (2012), São Tomé and Príncipe is the second-smallest African country, behind Seychelles. It is also the smallest Portuguese-speaking country.
Fonte: wikipedia
Sao Tome & Principe were both uninhabited prior to colonization by the Portuguese. Since then, much of the landscape has remained unchanged or, where former plantations once stood, reclaimed by the rainforests. The islands are covered by lush rainforests and with a small population and very few tourists, it remains a veritable tropical paradise.
The interior of Sao Tome island contains Obo National Park [7]. Find a local guide to take you bird-watching, climb 2,024-meter Pico de Sao Tome, trek to a secluded waterfall, or try to spot as many of the island's 109 species of orchids as you can. Waves enter an underwater cave on the south side of Sao Tome island and, with nowhere to go, shoot straight up through the Boca do Inferno (Mouth of Hell) blowhole in an impressive show for visitors. The isolated beaches on Principe are both breathtakingly beautiful and romantic...don't blame yourself for feeling like you're on a deserted island in the South Pacific.
Just offshore are coral reefs with a large diversity of sea life—including a few endemics as the waters between other islands and the mainland reach 2,000 meters! Diving and snorkeling are the ideal ways to explore the underwater side of this paradise, during which you can come face-to-face with dolphins, large green turtles, and a wide array of colorful fish. Experienced and daring divers can even explore underwater caves.
Among the few human-made sights on the islands is Fort São Sebastião. Built in 1575, the fort was refurbished in 2006 and is now the São Tomé National Museum. The fort is absolutely beautiful at night. Essential for every visitor is a tour of one of the islands' colonial-era plantations—roças—which lie in many different states, from centuries-old buildings slowly being overgrown by rainforest to lovingly refurbished ones operating as bed-and-breakfasts. One of the more easily accessible, Monte Café, has a new coffee museum set and, since it is in the mountains, is cool and inviting. The Sao Tome market is, like many in the region, a bustling, colorful experience while photographers will love city's quaint colonial-style architecture.

The waters around Sao Tome are clear and rich with life. Consequently, diving, fishing and boat tours provide much to see. One of the few operators that offers these activities is Club Maxel [8]. The forests of both islands lend themselves wonderfully to hiking.
Walk Around. Traffic is light, the sea breeze is cooling, and you can admire the architecture and people. The capital city of Sao Tome is replete with public art. Painting and carvings by local artists, in addition to old Portuguese statues, can be found throughout the city. At times you will walk down the street and turn a corner to come up suddenly against a colorful and sprightly painting right in front of you.

Claudio Corallo Chocolate. Tours of his chocolate factory are give on request. He or one of his sons will gleefully describes the shocking inferior stuff that passes for chocolate around the world. Claudio maintains complete control of the chocolate making process, from growing the pods on his own plantation on Principe through to packaging the chocolate in his own vacuum-sealed clean rooms. He gives copious free samples during the demonstration, and sells all his products right there in the demonstration room. Expensive but worth it.
Fonte: wikitravel
Fish is a staple of the São Toméan diet, often served with breadfruit and mashed, cooked bananas. The variety of fish is wide, including flying fish at certain times of year. Inland, many São Toméans get their protein from buzios, large land snails. Sea snails are also quite common along the coast. In spite of the abject poverty, São Toméans can always count on some sustenance from the wide array of tropical fruits. The hotels in the capital offer European-style fare at European prices.

Café e Companhia. The expat hangout in Sao Tome. This is THE place to let people know you have arrived in country. Café and Companhia is popularly known as “MJs”, after the owner and former manager Maria João. MJ leases the business to a new German manager but makes appearances when she is in country. C & C is known for Thursday night jazz and the “Atomic Penis”.

Sum Secreto. Standard grill fare, but they can handle large groups without a reservation. Service is generally very good, and the meat and fish are excellent. Nothing fancy, but the place is popular because it has that secret something.
Bigodes. Located near the airport, if you decide to wait for your flight here the airport will call to let you know when your flight is boarding. Good lunches and great view.
O Pirata. Located next to the Pestana Hotel, it is one of the few places open on Sunday morning, but one suspects they just party through Saturday night. Good place to nurse a cup of coffee and an omelet and just watch the ocean. A sunken ship is right off the restaurant…hence the name “The Pirate”.

Roça São João dos Angolares. Make reservations as far in advance as possible, but it is worth it. Gourmet meals served as a multiple course prix fixe are worth the extra workout you will need.

Mionda, Angolares Bay. Down by the Roca Sao Joao and the Angolares bay (1 hr. south of Sao Tome by car), this colorful hut serves exceptional Sao Tome food. The fish is caught by the local Angolan fishermen a few meters from where you sit, and it is prepared with care. The multi-course meals are a delight from start to finish.
Papa Figo, City Center. Billed as a snack bar, they actually serve full meals. You'll see Europeans mix with locals of all classes on the patio here. Burgers, fish, whiskey, and beer.

Padaria Moderna, City Center. Great little bakery to pick up a snack for a few coins.

Beer is readily available everywhere, though São Toméans are not known as big drinkers. Local brands include Creolla and Rosema. Inland, palm wine is available very inexpensively from vendors along the road. In the capital, whiskey and other spirits are popular among the elites. Wine, especially Portuguese vinho verde, is popular with fish dishes.
Fonte: wikitravel
At sea level, the climate is tropical—hot and humid with average yearly temperatures of about 27 °C (80.6 °F) and little daily variation. The temperature rarely rises beyond 32 °C (89.6 °F). At the interior's higher elevations, the average yearly temperature is 20 °C (68 °F), and nights are generally cool. Annual rainfall varies from 5,000 mm (196.9 in) on the southwestern slopes to 1,000 mm (39.4 in) in the northern lowlands. The rainy season runs from October to May.
Fonte: wikipedia

45 locais a visitar e onde ir em: ILHA DE SÃO TOMÉ
Restaurante o Santola
Agua Grande
Boca do Inferno
Agua Izé
Paisagens da Costa Ocidental de São Tomé, Tunel
Praia dos pescadores de Santana
Igreja de Ribeira Afonso
Ribeira Afonso
Ilheu de Santana
Negociando o peixe, Praia São Paulo
São Tomé
Praia de Monte Mário
Monte Mario
Forte de São Sebastião, Estatuas Aos Descobridores de São Tomé
São Tomé
Museu nacional de São Tomé, forte de São Sebastião
São Tomé
São João Dos Angolares
São João dos Angolares
Igreja de São Pedro (pantufo)
Roça Porto Alegre
Porto Alegre
Praia Jalé
Porto Alegre
Praia das Sete Ondas
Ribeira Afonso
10 Restaurantes Onde Comer em: ILHA DE SÃO TOMÉ
Agua Grande
Esplanada Jasmin
Agua Grande
Churrasqueira do Riboque
Agua Grande
The Airplane
Agua Grande
Bella Morano
Porto Alegre
Restaurante Ple Museu
São Tomé
Restaurante Ralux
Agua Grande
Agua Grande
3 locais onde Beber, Divertir, Dançar em: ILHA DE SÃO TOMÉ
Agua Grande
Agua Grande
A Sombra da Coleira
Agua Grande
6 serviços de apoio ao turismo em: ILHA DE SÃO TOMÉ
Gold Tours - Agência de Turismo
São Tomé
São Tomé
Prestigio - Rent - A - Car
São Tomé
Stp Airways
Agua Grande
Club Maxel - Mergulho
São Tomé
8 Consulados e Embaixadas em: ILHA DE SÃO TOMÉ
Gabonese Embassy
Agua Grande
Taiwanese Embassy
Agua Grande
Consulado Geral de Cabo Verde em São Tomé
Agua Grande
Portuguese Embassy
Agua Grande
Consulado de Portugal em São Tomé
São Tomé
Embaixada de Angola em São Tomé e Príncipe
São Tomé
Embaixada do Brasil em Santo Tomé
São Tomé

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