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Ubatuba is a municipality on the north coast of the state of São Paulo, on the border with the state of Rio de Janeiro.
The city is in the Tropic of Capricorn.
There are two definitions about the origin of the name derived from Yuppba or Yupba. In both it is agreed that "tuba" could mean many; "uba" however could refer to canoes or reeds, of a type of taquara common in the region.
Ubatuba, on the north coast of São Paulo, has more than 50 beaches spread over 90 kilometers, attractions that emerge in the form of coves and bays with green and blue waters almost always framed by the dense vegetation of the Serra do Mar.
The Island of Anchieta where sea turtles are among the attractions.
To the north, toward Parati (RJ), the good waves of Itamambuca and Felix attract surfers. Prumirim and Almada are practically deserted. In the vicinity of Caraguatatuba, in the south, the tranquil Domingas Dias and Enseada are frequented by families, while Grande and Tenório have disputed sand strips.
The city cascades, diving islands - such as Anchieta and Cabanas - and many trails, making the São Paulo capital of surfing free territory for the various sports fans.
Along the Serra do Mar State Park there are trekking options that cover deserted beaches, rivers and ruins of farms, always surrounded by the Atlantic Forest. The isolated corners, however, can also be explored on schooner trips or on the natives' boats.
In the high season and in the prolonged holidays the nocturnal life of Ubatuba awakens lively and does not end early. On the outskirts of Itaguá and Cruzeiro beaches, in the center, bars and nightclubs invest in diversified musical styles. In the same region are the restaurants of seafood and international cuisine. The highlight of the menus, however, is a caiçara recipe: fish with banana, baptized "Azul-Marinho".
Ubatuba is the proof that even very simple gastronomy can surprise. The local cuisine, heritage of the caiçara culture, reserves incomparable dishes, prepared from seafood, native fruits and vegetables. As the "Azul-marinho", dish made with grouper, blueberry or golden banana and green banana, prepared in the iron pot, the dish gets a bluish color and is very famous here.
As the ancient fishermen of the region did not have many resources, most of the typical dishes are made from native ingredients: Salted Fish, Banana Assada, Cassava Cakes, Mullet Farofa, Tapioca, Rapadura and others.
On your trip to Ubatuba you need to taste the Moqueca in the Bananeira Leaf.
The "Jussara Cream" is a typical accompaniment for fish, made from a fruit similar to açaí.
Here you can find the best Pumpkin Pie with Shrimp from the region.
Also try the Palmito na Brasa, because it has a special flavor.
In Ubatuba the traditional cuisine gains a lot of refinement and sophistication, a good example is Empanado Shrimp, stuffed with catupiry and served with passion fruit sauce.
Another typical dish with a curious name and unique flavor is the "Golden of Hangover", fillet grilled with lemon sauce, saffron, garlic, pepper, sesame and parsley.
Because it is a tourist city, Ubatuba has many restaurants specializing in different cultures: Oriental Cuisine, Cuisine, Arab Cuisine, Gaucho Food, Italian Cuisine, Comida Mineira and Italian Food.
Ubatuba is close to the subtropical rainforest biome.
The average annual temperature is 21.4 degrees Celsius (70.5 degrees Fahrenheit).
Ubatuba is close to the subtropical rainforest biome.
The average annual temperature is 21.4 degrees Celsius (70.5 degrees Fahrenheit).

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